Monday, December 3, 2007

Commissioned artwork!

Here's some privately commissioned art I did recently, pen and ink drawings with a little bit of pencil on letter sized bristol board.


A retirement age ex-boxer who wears a cat suit to fight crime. The comedy possibilities are endless, but from what I can see he's portrayed as a serious character in the DC Universe. Only in comics.

Stanley and his Monster

I've never read this comic, but it seems kinda Calvin and Hobbes-ish, except the Monster isn't imaginary and the kid is a real jerk.

Nick Fury

World War 2 era of course!

Doctor Bong

He's got the munchies.

The Creeper

I took some liberties with the costume, so I added color so he'd still be recognizable. I only know this character from the Batman cartoon - never read any of his comics appearances.

I'm always available for commissions like this - let me draw your favorite comic book or cartoon character too!

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