Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday, March 10, 2008

The Loonatic!

Private commission of a player's original "City of Heroes" character - markers on drawing paper.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Comic Book Comics EXCLUSIVE - The Texas Mafia!

Here's the exclusive COMIC BOOK COMICS strip Fred and I did for this year's STAPLE! INDEPENDENT MEDIA EXPO. Comic Book Comics #1 goes on sale on March 12th! Fred and I will be signing copies that day at ROCKETSHIP from 5pm to 8pm - be there!

Monday, March 3, 2008

My Top Ten…er…Top FOURTEEN Comic Book covers for CBG

Every issue the Comics Buyer's Guide asks a comic book creator to list thier top ten favorite comic book covers. Everyone else must be busy getting graphic novel deals or signing movie options because in the latest issue they got around to asking - me! I mostly picked covers that I thought looked pretty, were really funny, or both, and tried to pick a range of different types of comics that reflect my own tastes as a funnybook reader. They also asked me to pick a few extras, just in case they couldn't get images of the ten I picked. I've included all fourteen picks here because the internet is the super awesome.

So here they are: Ryan Dunlavey’s FOURTEEN favorite comic book covers (and 100% uncensored commentary) in no particular order:

Adventures of Kool-Aid Man #2

artist unknown
Marvel Comics
Kool Aid Man. Travels through time. To fight the Thirsties. WITH GEORGE WASHINGTON’S HELP. I don't even have to read the comic - my mind has already been blown.

The Losers #6

artist - Jock
Bad ASS!!! In an industry full of posers trying to portray gritty action and failing miserably, Jock actually delivers. I want this one blown up to ten feet high and glued to my living room wall.

Yikes #2

artist - Steve Weissman
This cover was the first image of Steve Weissman's I ever saw and it made me an instant fan. It's weird, it's funny, it's bright and colorful, it's a vampire kid sitting on the toilet! Still cracks me up every time I see it.

Prez #4

artist unknown
DC Comics
A legless vampire is attacking the teen president! A LEGLESS VAMPIRE IS ATTACKING THE TEEN PRESIDENT!!! I have this comic framed on my wall. Insane and wonderful.

Mad Magazine #166

artist unknown
Horray, MAD! That sums it all up pretty well doesn't it?

Sam & Max Surfing the Highway trade paperback

artist - Steve Purcell
Marlowe & Company
Steve Purcell is genetically incapable of drawing anything that's not fun.

World's Finest #7

artist unknown
DC Comics
Ka-BOOM!!! The innuendo here is about as subtle as those giant cannons they're straddling. I mean, come ON!!!

GI Joe Yearbook #2

artist - Michael Golden
Marvel Comics
My guiltiest of guilty pleasures - GI MOTHERF*CKING JOE! I love GI Joe comics to pieces and this cover sums up everything I like about the series in one image: bad-ass dudes, tough-as-nails ladies and over-the-top Reagan-era jingoism.

Doom Patrol #34

artist - Simon Bisley
DC Comics
Just about any cartoonist worth a lick could draw a paramilitary gorilla pushing a baby cart down the street and it would be funny, but the fact that it was done by Simon Bisley, toughest of the tough-guy painters, multiplies the funny by a billion. The story inside is one of my all-time favorites too.

Optic Nerve #8

artist - Adrian Tomine
Drawn and Quarterly
All the Optic Nerve covers are wonderfully drawn and designed but this one is my favorite, summing up the interior story with just a few simple illustrations, a bold type treatment, and not a single human figure. Perfect.

Devil Dinosaur #2

artist - Jack Kirby
Marvel Comics
As much as I love Kirby's work I don't think he made very good covers - but this one featuring Devil leaping through the air to rescue Moon Boy from being sacrificed to a giant spider is a winner.

The Invisibles volume 1 #5

artist - Rian Hughes
The cover that's not a cover - a bold choice that probably wouldn't have worked with any other comic series.

Uncanny X-Men 249

artist - Marc Silvestri
Marvel Comics
I had stopped reading X-Men for a few years when this one hit the stands but this image grabbed my attention immediately. No one has ever drawn Havok better that Marc Silvestri, and here he is featured in great Frazetta-esque composition centered on an absolutely PERFECT superhero pose that is both understated and powerful. Seeing images like this help me understand why everyone went batshit berzerko when Image comics hit the scene back in the 90's.

Little Lulu #33

artist unknown
Dell Comics
So, so, SO wrong.

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