Thursday, April 17, 2008

Rejected Batman sketches!

I found a whole bunch more sketches to share with you!

Remember all those "Worst Case Scenario" handbooks from a few years back? Twords the tail end of that trend a Batman Handbook was released and Wizard decided to do an article on it, accompanied by several fake rejected entries from the book, which I illustrated. Three of them made it to print, but I did a whole bunch during the sketch stage. The color ones are the ones that actually saw print. If these drawings seems kind of stiff to you - you're right. I was attempting to match the drawing style of the actual book.

How to improvise interrogation techniques.

How to get a giant penny inside the Batcave.

I didn't understand this one at all - How to find a trustworthy mute hunchback mechanic.

How to Play Joel Schumacher damage-control.

How to fire your sidekick (this was my favorite one - bummer it didn't get picked for the final).

Here's another Batman-related image from a different job - there was some storyline where Batman's evil son (what?!) beat up Robin, stole his costume, then tried to kill Catwoman's baby (what? WHAT?!!!). On a completely unrelated topic, superhero comics are super-retarded. Anyways, Wizard told me "draw Evil Robin punching a baby in the face" which I thought was a little too violent, so I did some alternative takes that I thought were funnier, but they went with the punching one.

I'll post more if I find anything cool!


mattcrap said...

Even the coin purse one is the best one for pure thematic absurdity, I like the composition of the kids sneakin' it in w/ the pensive Bats

the drop-kicking Robin pieces are animation worthy. if you don't could I? I'll ink'em and color'em and make a matt-tard-imation herky jerk one like the Circle Jerks "drink drank drunk" one.

Andrew Wales said...

Awesome sketches. Hilarious. It sounds like the Batman comic has jumped the shark.