Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sketch cards

NYCC Sketch Cards by ~Dunlavey on deviantART

So at this past weekend's New York Comic Con I decided to try doing sketch cards, all done with markers. It was a lot of fun and filled what little spare time I had when I wasn't selling comics, chatting with fans and getting interviewed for podcasts. I sold them for 2 bucks a pop or gave them away to nice customers who liked them. I think I did thirty or so the whole weekend - these are the ones that were left over at the end of the show. Some of the other ones I remember doing: The Wonder Twins, Modok, Iron Man (several), Hulk Hogan (special request), Godzilla (which got STOLEN), The Baroness (also stolen), and probably some more.

All these cards are for sale at my Comicspace gallery for just $2 each - such a deal! I'm going to do a lot more, so if you've got a request just post it in the comments here or send me a note or an email and I'll have it in my comicspace gallery eventually.

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