Sunday, December 21, 2008

My issue of Tales from the Crypt out now!

For those of you looking for your Fred and Ryan comic book fix during the far-too-long wait between issues Comic Book Comics - check out Tales from the Crypt #9 - available at your local comic store right now! The second feature "Glass Heads" is written by Fred Van Lente with art and lettering by me. The lead feature "Chicken Man" is really cool and creepy - it captures the sprit of the original "Tales" comics really well while putting a modern spin on the storytelling. 48 full-color pages with no ads for only $3.99, and if you know anything about modern comics prices you'll know that's a good deal! The longest full-color comic I've made so far and I learned a lot - hope to get to do it again soon!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Come see my show at MoCCA!

The New York Artist Showcase is a permanent rotating exhibit space at the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art that features the work of local cartoonists - and this time around the featured artist is ME! I'm very excited and proud to have been selected - not only is this my first solo showing it's also the first time my work has been in a museum EVER. The exhibit opens TODAY, December 18, 2008 and showcases original Action Philosophers pages, some of my work from Wizard and pages from Comic Book Comics that have yet to be published - plus a slideshow of my best work and copies of (almost) every comic book I've ever done.

The show runs December 18 - February 15th, opening reception in late January, date and time TBA.

My exhibit runs concurrently with for their main exhibit From Richie Rich to Wendy the Good Little Witch: The Art of Harvey Comics I was lucky enough to see some of the art from that show in advance and it is stunningly beautiful - well worth the $5 suggested admission.

Monday, December 8, 2008

M3 Money Club comic strip

I drew a comic strip for the M3 Money Club, a website that helps teach kids how to save and use their money. The first comic and the character designs were created by other artists but I was brought in to do the second comic and hopefully more!