Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wizard World Philly 09 comic strip

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This is the comic I drew for Wizard World's Philadelphia 2009 show - it appeared on the first page of the program. The directive was this: "A six panel comic strip about how to enjoy the show starring the Wizard Bunny and a fanboy dressed in a crappy Spider-Man costume. Panel 1 - Intro, 2 - Celebrity Appearances, 3 - Panels, 4 - Using the Map, 5 - Shopping, 6 - Wristbands and badges." I came up with the gags, pencilled, inked and colored it. I also wrote up a full script (with MUCH less text that what you see here) but I guess they didn't decide to use it because this text is totally new. No idea why. Oh well, they paid for it so I guess it's their prerogative, just like it's my prerogative to cut out the captions from panels 3 and 6 that committed the heinous crime of EXPLAINING THE JOKE THAT'S IN THE PANEL. Dumb.

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