Thursday, August 27, 2009

RGB Hulks

I really dig Chris Giarrusso's work - here's my take on one of the strips he does for Marvel. Right after I uploaded this I noticed I screwed up green hulk's right knee/foot. NICE.


henry said...

hey ryan -- nice work. i really like chris g's stuff, too. he was up here a couple months back at our first ever comic arts fest, and was drawing a lot of the mini marvels.

Anonymous said...

Nice work! Are you still doing any work for MAD now that they've cut back their publishing schedule?

I'm a chris g fan too, his website is always loaded with incredible stuff. The cover tributes is an especially fun page. He recently put up a couple of video games based on his latest G-Man comic series too. Fun and funny.

Ryan Dunlavey said...

Hi Anon- To date, I've only had one piece in MAD, and it was a reprint of a strip I originally did for Toyfare. They've never REALLY given me work, but it still counts, so it's totally on my resume. Shh! Don't tell anyone, internet!

Chris G is a cool guy - I first met him at New York Comic Con 2008 where we did a draw-off against each other on stage in front of dozens of screaming kids. He drew Marvel characters and I drew DC characters from suggestions shouted out from the audience on giant post-its then tossed them into the crowd when we were done. It was supposed to be a sort of competition although there was no clear winner (each of us thought the other guy won) but it was lots of fun.