Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Animation samples!

It walks! It talks! Here are some flash animation samples I've done over the past few years, arranged from most-recent to oldest. Someday I'll put together a proper demo reel, but for now these will have to do. WARNING: the "Double Dee" segments in the middle might not be safe to view at work. They were OK for basic cable TV, and there really isn't anything explicit or bad in them, but I wouldn't show them to minors and you should at least put on headphones to curb the curiosity of any easily ruffled co-workers. Enjoy!

Crif Dogs animation - June 2009

Bird animation for The Bouncing Souls "Pizza Song" music video - 2004 (I think)

Cine-o-mat website intro - 2005

Double Dee cartoon - 2004

Double Dee talking clips - 2004

Old, uncompleted demo reel of material from 1999-2003 (I was still learning flash, please be kind.)


mattcrap said...

i love how you say a walking talking double dildo MIGHT not be okay at work...priceless!

That's so badass that you worked on something with BouncingSouls...too bad it's for one of their pussy-ass songs!

Ryan Dunlavey said...

One of my local cartoonist friends is a HUGE Souls fan - she did a whole comic about them "Sing Along Forever" and as a result became friends with the band, went on tour with them for a while and even had them perform an acoustic set at the comics' release party!
Here's the book:
And the whole saga is well documented on her extensive website and blog:
When she was just starting to put the comic together I told her about the animation I did, and when she found out what song it was for the reaction was pretty much the same.