Friday, October 23, 2009

Comic strip mashups

Something I've done a lot of for Wizard and ToyFare magazine were these mash-up comic strips where I'd take popular genre characters from comics, sci-fi, and draw them in the style of a classic newspaper comic strip. Most of the gags and strip ideas were generated by the editorial staff and I was just hired to illustrate them, but a few were ideas I pitched myself. They were pretty fun and emulating (or at least doing a passable likeness) of the original art styles was a real challenge.

(Peanuts / X-Men)
I think this is the first one I did.

Orlando Bloom County
(Lord of the Rings / Bloom County)
This one was my favorite.

Deadman/Family Circus
this appeared in a fake Daily Planet newspaper
Phantom the Menace
(Star Wars prequels / Dennis the Menace)

The Doctor Doom Is In
(Doctor Doom / Peanuts)
I think this was for Inquest, I never actually saw it in print, but I have seen it used for people's internet avatars all over the web.

The Dark Side
(Star Wars / Far Side)

Fantastic Family Circus
(Fantastic Four / Family Circus)
This is one of the ideas I pitched myself that got greenlit.

(Garfield / He-Man)

Kraven and Hobbes
(Calvin and Hobbes / Spider-Man villain Kraven the Hunter)

Nancy Callahan
(Nancy / Sin City)
I had pitched an idea for "Sin Ziggy" but this was way better.

Little Zemo in Slumberland
(Little Nemo / Baron Zemo, a Marvel comics villain)

Spy vs Spy vs Alien vs Predator
This was printed in color, but I think it looks more authentic in B&W. Mad Magazine even reprinted it, so now I can tell people I'm a published Mad cartoonist.

Thunderkatzenjammer Kids
(Thundercats / Katzenjammer Kids)

Prince Valiant
(Prince Valiant / Valiant Comics)
Only people who read comics in the early 90's will get this one.
I just noticed I colored his gloves white in panel one, and then red in panel three. That's just awesome.


mattcrap said...

Mr.Win-Du pruning the bushes with a lightsabre almost went unoticed. Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

These are Awesome! Want more! Random ideas - Hi and Lois Lane, Doomsbury (you can never have enough DrDoom) and although you already did Nemo, I've often thought there was a Nemo/Sandman mashup just asking to be done...

Anonymous said...

Very nicely done!

batmanuel said...

Very well done. As a fan of both comics and daily strips and a father of 2 teens who consider daily strips unfunny, I can attest that this humor is not for the masses. Too bad for them!

DJ TRex said...

Great work! I posted a link to this page on my Other Thought for the Day blog:


marauder said...

These have to be among the funniest things I have read all year. My hat is off to you, or it would be if I had a hat.

Anonymous said...

They're all great, witty and well worth the chuckles... especially the Spy v Spy one! But I disagree with your prelude to "Prince Valiant"
Magnus has been around since the early 60's. I had the first 2 years consecutively until mom tossed all my comics and trading cards out when I went in the service.

Ryan Dunlavey said...

Anon #3 - You're right, Magnus Robot Fighter has been around since the 60's, but my strip was parodying Valiant comics (not just Magnus) which was founded in 1989.

Shlomo said...

Really funny. I love the Charlie Brown to Xavier one.

Ethan said...

Genius work, man!

Zach Oat said...

Man, even today, I can't believe how you knocked that Fantastic Family Circus one out of the park. Bravo. And I think Thunderkatzenjammer kids is still one of the funniest things we ever wrote, but it only works because of you nailing the style. The faces on the slippers! Classic!

Ryan Dunlavey said...

Thanks Zach!

rohwer_25 said...

I heard about this on radio from hell ( this mornig. very funny. thanks for putting them up.

bertula said...

now "doctor doom is in" is my avatar too... :)

Gino Francesco Palomino Flores said...

the Cringerfield was cracking!! and the poor old Charlie Xavier, by the way I would like to see more of Logan-Linus, haha...really good guys!!

Brazoo said...

Great work!

I've been using "The Doctor Is In" as my G-rated avatar for years. I couldn't remember where I even got it. I get TONS of compliments on it, so now I can direct those to you!

Ian @ Trade Reading Order said...

These are really great. Awesome work. That first one especially, though maybe just because I always crack up at phoenix jokes.