Saturday, October 17, 2009

Web design

While I'm primarily a freelance illustrator I occasionally do job in other visual arts fields like animation and web design. I like being able to exercise other skills and creative muscles from time to time, it helps keep from getting too burnt out just doing one thing all the time.

Here are some samples of my website development work. Click on the images to view them at full resolution or click on the URL's to view the live site. - James S Russell, Writer - Euphoria Spa, New York City - Orazio De Gennaro Studio - Khushi Spa Products - Flash
(site has since be re-branded) - Heilborn LLC - Liza Pagano, Graphic Designer - HTML/CSS only - Lucca & Co - HTML/CSS (layout only) - Marilynne Herbert, Photojournalist - The Royal Oak Foundation - HTML/CSS only

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mattcrap said...

dude- when i can afford a domain and some bandwidth, I'm taking you up on some of these services