Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Friday, May 21, 2010


I did the publicity artwork for the Impetuous Theatre Group's upcoming production HACK!: An I.T. Spaghetti Westernwritten by my good friend Crystal Skillman.

From the theatre's home page: "When Hedge fund I.T. employees, Cal, Dash, and Jay, discover that they’ve been hacked – and that the hack is one of them - they scramble to pin it on each other to snag the gold in this ultimate showdown of the Good, the Bad and the Geek." I've yet to see the play live, but was lucky enough to read the script and watched ten minutes of a low-budget version of the play on Vimeo, and it's hillarious from start-to-finish. I've known Crystal for a long time and have always wanted to work with her and am super-excited that it was for what is probably my favorite thing she's ever written.

The production will run from June 10 -19 at The Brick theatre in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York City. Get the full details and buy tickets here. They're also holding a fundraiser on May 25th at Barcade which I will most likely go to. Hope to see you there - just don't challenge me on Robotron because I will take you to SCHOOL, son! Oh yes.

UPDATE: I'm not going to make it to the fundraiser, but you should totally go!