Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Last of the DCBS sketch cards (I hope)

I'm about to send off 180 sketch cards of Marvel Comics characters to my friends at Discount Comic Book Service, who ran a promo last year for my MODOK comic (buy the comic, get a sketch card). I've been posting scans of the cards as I go - I think this is the last of them.

If I had the energy I'd write some commentary about these cards. Like how I feel guilty at having to only spend a few minutes dashing each one out instead of lovingly laboring over every single one them. How I discovered the depressingly low rates that the criminal trading card companies pay artists to draw sketch cards for them. How I thought I'd be drawing, at most, 100 - 150 cards but ended up having to do over four hundred. Or how deceptively complex the Falcon's costume is, or how much I like drawing Doctor Octopus, Rogue, The Angel and Galactus, and how much I hate drawing Daredevil, Cyclops and Iceman, or how I probably spent more time drawing these giveaway promos than I did actually writing, drawing, coloring and lettering the very comic book they were promoting. And ultimately how I learned I will most likely never, ever, EVER do anything like this ever again. But I'm too tired. 

Instead I just leave you with this gem, my favorite card of the entire bunch, a character I don't much care for to be honest, but it came out so nice I could hardly believe a I actually drew it, so I decided to keep it for myself:



mattcrap said...

there's a shit ton of really solid cards in here, man

J Chris Campbell said...


Moe Murdock said...

My favorites in the following order are:
white queen
Brother Voodoo
Hulk (always my favorite)
Old School Iron Man
ROM Spacenight
Nick Fury (Sam L. Jackson version)
Kitty Pride

Super Great work!!! I love it!

Suzene said...

Ouch. Sorry to hear about the slave labor rates, but man, you managed some fantastic expressions on so many of these. Particularly partial to the Beaubier twins and Wolfsbane. Oh, and Puck! And Wolfsbane's ears...they're kind of adorable.