Monday, November 15, 2010

Real Cartoonists, Fake Convention

Screenshot taken from the illegally downloaded episode - purely for journalism purposes. Please don't sue.

Back in May I worked for 2 days as a "real" extra on HBO's Bored to Death along with several other Brooklyn cartoonists. The episode aired yesterday, and there was a nice shot that most of us cartoonists were in all at once. Pictured here: Emily FlakeLisa HanawaltRobin EnricoTony MurphyFred ChaoGabby Schulz/Ken Dahl and me. There were 4 or 5 other cartoonists on set as well but I didn't spot them in the episode. They also filmed a scene where Ted Danson's character hits on Wonder Woman and Fred and I were right next to them, but they ended up using a different take. Two 12-hour days of work for a 10 second appearance in a 3 minute scene of a 30 minute show. Yay, Hollywood!

Gabby did a nice write up of the whole experience on his blog, Fred did some great on-set sketches and I spotted Tony working on his comic strip between takes. The crew and actors were all really nice, and I got to get paid to draw sketches, hang out with cartoonists and comic nerds for 2 days, get free food and appear in one of the few television shows I actually like in an episode that was really funny! Overall a fun experience, but probably something I won't do again anytime soon.

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mattcrap said...

that's pretty cool, man-- it's great that they gave a shit enough to use real guys, even better geologically correct guys!