Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bad Boyfriend

Bad Boyfriend is a mini-comic I've been working on in my (ha!) spare time. More soon.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Ten Buck Commissions - Round Two!

THE BASICS: $10 (plus shipping) buys you a black and white marker drawing on 5 x 8 inch bristol board. See my tumblr blog for samples. Paypal only - use the form below to order.

THE RULES:  You MUST use the paypal button to order - it will calculate accurate postage and helps me keep track of the number of commissions coming in. First come, first served. Pre-existing characters only. (Examples: Wonder Woman, R2-D2, James Bond, Godzilla, Charlie Brown, etc.) I'll gladly draw characters of your own creation if you can provide visual reference, but I won't design new characters for you. You can order more than one piece of art, but no cheating by asking to group 2 or more characters on one piece of artwork. One order, one character, one piece of art - no more, no less because at just $10 a pop I simply don't have time in my schedule to get too fancy. I reserve the right to refund your purchase if I feel your request is too difficult, too complex or offensive (but I will almost always email you first to discuss). I'm sorry to spell it out that this since I'd say 95% of people who commission art from me ask for perfectly awesome and reasonable requests anyway, but I'm sure the remaining 5% would appreciate the clarification.

Commissions will be open until March 15, 2011, 1:00pm Eastern Standard Time or until I fill 100 slots, whichever comes first. Last time I did this I ended up selling 60 commissions in less than 4 hours and had to shut it down early, so if you are at all interested order sooner rather than later.


UPDATE: Commissions are now closed. It was a LOT! I will start drawing next week and get them all in the mail. Thanks to everyone who ordered or helped spread the word!