Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Rat Boy revisited

So last weekend at New York Comic Con, the big highlight for me wasn't the announcement of my new comic (more on that in a few days) but an unexpected reunion with my old college friend Andy Sanford, whom I haven't seen or even talked to in almost 20 years. Andy and I made a handful of comics together while we were students at Syracuse University - he wrote, I drew - they were the first comics I ever collaborated on with anyone, ever. Andy's comic ideas were inspired by classic underground model that I love - wildly imaginative and incredibly obnoxious - and at the time I met him I was struggling with my own writing and ideas so combining forces with him suited me perfectly. I learned a lot working with him and it helped me find my own groove both as a writer and an artist which I will always be thankful for.

Andy graduated with a film degree and spent a few years kicking around Hollywood before getting tired of it and going back to school for law - he's now a very successful trial lawyer in LA.

I was hoping I could find some of the comics that we did together in the archives so I could scan and post them here but they must be in storage at my in-laws house, so instead I whipped up this updated drawing of RAT BOY "World's Smartest Punk", the main character of our last, and dare I say greatest, collaboration.

Thanks a million Andy!

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